Southeastern Massachusetts Chapter

Checklist List for Short Day Hikes

_____ Backpack: Determined by type of hike, location, time of year typically 1000-2000 c.i.

_____ Boots: Comfortable, broken in, padded around ankle

_____ Socks: Thin Polypro liner sock, heavier wool or wool blend outer sock - carry an extra pair

_____ Poncho or rain jacket coated nylon or Gortex

_____ Long pants: synthetic or wool cotton canvas Supplex nylon shorts for summer

_____ Shirt: synthetic or wool , polyester, Coolmax, Polypro, cotton is OK if you have a back-up shirt.

_____ Jacket or sweater wool fleece jacket/vest

_____ Gloves, mittens, wool hat: depending on the time of year

_____ Water - two one quart bottles supermarket bottled water Nalgene bottles

_____ Food/snacks - carry extra in case of emergencies

_____ Toilet paper

_____ Sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen

_____ Map

_____ Insect repellant

_____ Whistle

_____ Flashlight

_____ Small first aid kit