Red (or Blue) Lining --------- the Blue Hills

          * * * NOTE: This poop sheet is the "new" way. * * *


Date: Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time: 6:00 pm (Please be there earlier to sign in)
Trailhead: West Marine, 66 Wood Road  (see map below)
Tonight's Leaders: Cheryl Lathrop, Joe Keogh

Tonight's Volunteers: Maureen Kelly (cartographer), Ellen Correia (sign-in), Linda Glynn (registrar)
Tonight's Co-Leaders
Tonight's Hike: We will again be hiking trails off of Wood Road (i.e., "Wood Path"). Look in the upper right-hand corner of your map at exit 6. See map below of planned trails.

Directions to Trailhead: West Marine. 66 Wood Rd. Braintree, MA. To get there: 128/93, exit 6. Granite St. to Wood Road. Be careful turning into the parking lot (a busy area!). Park in the upper level. We have permission to park here; please be considerate as it is a commercial business. See map below. (If you arrive early, Konditor Meister Bakery, just before West Marine, has umm umm good pastries. Or shop West Marine for kayak/boat stuff.)

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In the Blue Hills, it's not mandatory to have 'official' hiking clothing and equipment. However, headlamps/flashlights are mandatory, as we  frequently complete hikes in the dark. Water and raincoats are mandatory as well. Please pay attention to the "one (1) Quart Minimum " of water.

NOTE: If you are interested in becoming a leader, please let us know and we will train you as a co-leader!


What to Bring:


1.        No dogs are permitted on these trips.

2.        Cell phones: May be brought but must be turned off during the hikes

3.        We will hike 'together'. Please plan to complete the hike with us. Light rain will not cancel the hikes. Under severe weather conditions ( if it starts pouring) we, as a group, will decide to continue or head back. We will take a "separation break" at 7:00 pm.

4.        Thunderstorms/ Lightning will cancel or shorten the trips! As will Tornadoes!!

5.        Anyone with a medical condition (asthma inhaler, epipen, etc.) please inform the leader.

6.        Non-AMC members are permitted and encouraged to attend our hikes. ( hopefully having fun with us will encourage them/you to join.

7.        If you would like to bring a friend, whom you know to have experience, the proper equipment, etc., please have them register with our registrar.

8.        There are rattlesnakes and copperheads within the Blue Hills. Rare but they do exist. If you are concerned about this, please ask now, not when we meet one on the trail!


Any questions, please call or email:
    Leader: Cheryl Lathrop: 508-254-0709 (cell),
    Leader: Joe Keogh : 508-542-0665 (cell),
    Registrar: Linda Glynn; 508-496-4009,