RED (Or Blue Lining for some people) ------ the BLUE ^^^^ís


START TIME AND MEETING PLACES: This week, May 9, 2008, we will be hiking the Accord path, returning via Great Blue.The trail is about 3.5 to 4 miles in length and should take us approximately 2 hours to complete.The terrain is rocky with some elevation gain and is rated easy to moderate.Start time is 6:00 P.M.


We will begin, again, from the parking area at Houghtonís Pond.To get there, take Route 128 to exit 3 and travel North to the end.Take a right and drive about Ĺ mile to the large Houghtonís Pond Parking Lot.Fred Wason and I will be leading and Holly Makowsky, Cheryl Lathrop, and Walt Granda will be our co-leaders.Iím also interested in getting some of you, who are interested in becoming leaders, into a more pro-active roll.Please let me know if this is you and Iíll sign you up as a co-leader.


In the Blue Hills it is not mandatory to have every type of hiking clothing and equipment in the world unless you would like to train for the White Mountains overnight hikes, however, headlamps are a must.The regulars know why.Water and rain coats are a must as well.Please make sure you have these items and please pay attention to the *1 Quart Minimum* of water.I know some of us donít drink that much (someone I know in particular!) but I would rather you carry more and not drink it than not having enough and needing it.


Any questions, call or email me.††

Jim Plouffe, Leader

CELL PHONE: (508) 562-0051



Holly Makowsky, Co-Leader and Registrar

CELL PHONE: (619) 817-9454