RED (Or Blue Lining for some people) ------ the BLUE ^^^^’s


START TIME AND MEETING PLACES: This week, April 10, 2008, will be our first week back to the Blue Hills since last hiking season.  It will be similar to our week 15 of the 2007 hikes.  We will be hiking out back on old route 128.  Start time is 5:30 P.M.  To get there, take Route 128 to exit 3 and travel North to the end.  Take a right and drive about ˝ mile to the large Houghton’s Pond Parking Lot.   For the next two weeks, I will not be there.  Fred Wason will be taking the lead.  I will hope to see you all in 3 weeks.

Any questions, call or email me.  

Jim Plouffe, Leader

CELL PHONE: (508) 562-0051