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START TIME AND MEETING PLACES: This week, June 21, 2007, we will be having two hikes. One will be an "Early Bird Special" and the second one will be the "Main Event". The "Early Bird Special" will start at 5:25 P.M. and we will meet at the parking areas just north of the intersection of Route 128 and Route 28. There are multiple parking areas that we can use. Fred will be there early to flag you down. We will be carpooling down to West Street and completing that section. Gaiters might be a good idea as it may be wet.

The "Main Event" will begin at the same parking areas, just north of the intersection of Route 128 and Route 28. However that start time will be moved to 6:30 P.M. to allow us enough time to complete the West Street Area. The Main Event will encompass Hawk Hill.

Directions to meeting place: Route 128 to exit 5. Take Route 28 North less than ¼ of a mile. There is no address to enter into a GPS so please give yourself ample time to find us. I will have cell phone if there is service. Please let me know if you have any questions.

What to bring:

- Hiking boots

- Rain Coat required (Please bring it every week, if only to appease the sun gods)

- Water. At least 1 quart. Hiking will work up a thirst. Dehydration is a major source of hiking problems. Staying hydrated during the hikes will also help you feel better the next day.

- Headlamp or flashlight. The nights will be getting longer, but we still sometimes get out in the dark. It’ll be necessary to have one.

- ‘First Aid kit’ I will be carrying a group first aid kit in case of injury, however participants should always bring Band-Aids, moleskin, Motrin and any other such small items as they may typically need during a hike.

- Toilet paper: There are no rest areas in the woods. J

- Cancellation Policy: I plan to hike every Thursday, rain or shine. Fun is where and when you make it! However thunderstorms will cancel, or shorten, the hikes!

- Risks: As discussed previously, there are risks, from rattlesnakes and poison parsnip to deer ticks, EEE, West Nile virus and breaking your ankle, from poking your eye with a branch to heart attacks. There are also balancing benefits, like exercise and the fellowship of other hikers. That’s not to mention the simple pleasure of walking in the woods! The balance point varies for each person. It’s your choice.

- General notes:

  1. No dogs are permitted on these trips.
  2. Cell phones may be brought, but must be kept turned off during the hikes.
  3. We will hike ‘together.’ Please plan to complete the hike with us. Light rain will not cancel the hikes. Under severe weather conditions (if it starts pouring) we, as a group, will decide to continue or head back.
  4. Thunderstorms will cancel, or shorten, the trips!
  5. Anyone with any medical conditions (asthma and use an inhaler, allergies and carry an Epipen, etc.) please inform me. )
  6. Non-AMC members are permitted (encouraged!) to attend. (Hopefully having fun with us will encourage them/you to join. J )
  7. If you wish to bring a friend, whom you know to have experience, the proper equipment, etc, just let me know a few days before the hike.
  8. There are rattlesnakes and copperheads within the Blue Hills. (They are rare, but they do exist) If you are concerned about this ask me now, not if we meet one on the trail ;-)

Any questions, call or email me.

Jim Plouffe, Co-leader/Leader

(508) 586-1394

CELL PHONE: (508) 726-8973


July 14 (Sat) - FBH - Blue Hills. Contact Bob Flagg to register fo rthis event

August – FBH – Blue Hills

§ Specific date to be determined. Saturday and/or Sunday morning. Contact Bob Flagg to register for the event.

- September 8th (Sat) – AMC Trails Day – Blue Hills (proposed)

§ We are interested in providing a site for an event in the Blue Hills. Hope to work with SE Mass Chapter. More information to follow.